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Cut Capacity, Corded. Milwaukee”s corded 8-inch saw has a 2 9/16-inch cut depth, enabling framers to cut 2 1/2-inch framing bundles in one pass–a smart design strategy. Porter-Cable”s 7 1/4-inch blade with a 2 1/2-inch cut depth left the cutoff hanging by a hair and required a second pass. Both saws required two passes for knocking down 2-by framing bundles.


FEEL, CHIP COLLECTION, auto & SIGHT LINESFeel. Because this is a relatively new tool category, designers haven”t settled electrician on an industry standard or an optimum size for these saws, which IN and MILWAUKEE means not only different blade diameters auto and cutting capacities among the tools, but also that each unit has a markedly different feel–fortunately, they”re all good. If I had to choose (and I do) I”d say the DeWalt and Milwaukee cordless were a bit more comfortable to use than the other two cordless units electrician were. Both have comfortable IN grips and their switches MILWAUKEE are easy to reach auto and engage. That said, the Panasonic and Makita are nicely balanced, too, and their switches are well-placed and easy to use. Check out these features for yourself electrician and see which tool feels best in your hands.
The unit cost for labor can vary significantly, depending on which union has jurisdiction. Work rules that affect how many workers are called, and how long they work before overtime applies, can also inflate costs. The contractor can help you prepare IN a budget that reflects the specific labor situation. MILWAUKEE As your point person with the unions, auto the contractor also lays the groundwork for collegial relations.If you have a complex event or displays that exhibitors prefer to handle themselves – such as scientific instrumentation or computers and peripherals – ask your contractor to arrange for you to meet with the unions. Meetings can help work through the details and even gain concessions, electrician but they can be contentious if handled poorly.
Plywood is typically used to cover the ground so trucks can drive over landscaped areas. Using plywood becomes expensive because the wood gets broken up after a few uses. Plywood also lacks handles for gripping. Plywood sheets exceed the NIOSH lifting equation limits for safe individual lifting. Also, mud can be hard to remove from the wood IN surface.The We Energies “Ergo-Nerds” – Fred Wenzel, Tim Allen, Bob Koenecke, Dave Paro and Steve Rueter – recommend using lawn mats, which pay for themselves in MILWAUKEE about a month and can last for years. They are available from numerous manufacturers and come in plastic, composite or fiberglass materials. Check out how auto much they weigh in comparison to plywood, how readily mud can be removed, and how easily they can be gripped. Some We Energies crews crafted a simple rack, which can be lifted off the truck and placed where needed, to save time and effort.

Good lawn mats can be handled by one person and reduce the risk for lower-back injuries. Independent electrical and systems contractors, apprentices, manufacturers and distributors from across the country gathered in Tampa, Fla., this fall for the Independent Electrical Contractors Inc. (IEC) 45th Annual Convention and electrician Electric Expo 2002. There, they watched as Timothy Munn from AMF Electric, St. Louis, worked meticulously through the IN intricate details of the IEC National Wire-Off Competition to secure first place against fierce competition.