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Bathroom lighting can be tricky if you are not sure of how the lighting needs to be properly placed. You will want your bathroom and Bathroom lighting to be just as elegant as the other rooms and places in your home. One way to get your bathroom appearance at its best is to install Bathroom lighting in two different places. Depending upon the look that you desire for your bathroom, lighting can be placed above the vanity mirror that is usually located near the sink area or on either or both sides of the mirror. Keep in mind that wherever you decide to place lighting, it will greatly affect the way your entire bathroom looks.

Bathroom Lighting Fixtures
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Since the brightness of a bathroom can be difficult to control, you should use halogen or incandescent fixtures for the lights. Using these type of fixtures will help you to control the brightness of your bathroom with little or no effort. With these type of features, you will be allowed to control the brightness of the bathroom lighting with a dimmer.
Proper Design for Your Bathroom Lighting
Your bathroom lighting is an essential part of a bathroom that needs to be addressed properly through design. When you are ready to choose the light fixtures that you will be using in your bathroom, make sure that enough light is able to provide an adequate amount of lighting. There is one technique that you can use to ensure that there is substantial lighting provided by a fixture. You can use a method called over-lighting and then use dimmers to be able to control the amount of light that you would like to have in your bathroom. Your dimmer settings can be altered at any time.
Bathroom Lighting Bulbs
Many people use neodymium light bulbs because they provide an awesome amount of lighting that is frequently compared to sunlight. This type of light bulb will have a bluish tint in appearance, which is caused by a very thin coat of neodymium. This is yet another method that can be used to control the amount of bathroom lighting that your bathroom has.


Lighting For Your Shower
It is essential that you consider your shower, tub, and Jacuzzi if you have one when installing or upgrading your bathroom lighting. When many people are considering lighting options for their bathroom, these factors are frequently overlooked. You should use recessed downlights that are equipped with shower trims to properly illuminate the shower, tub, and Jacuzzi areas. If you are adding on to a bathroom that has already been finished, this will make a great remodeling project. In this instance, selecting a shower trim that has a domed glass feature is the best for getting an even distribution of light.