Electricians in Dallas

If you are looking for the best residential Electricians in Dallas then you have found us. Electrician King is a top electrical company in Dallas that offers a comprehensive and complete residential or commercial repair service.
As a licensed Master Electrician Professional you can be assured of quality. If you’re building or renovating, you can be sure that you’re dealing with qualified and experienced master electricians who takes pride in the quality of their workmanship.


No matter if you need a residential or commercial Electricians in Dallas for home wiring repairs or a complete electrical wiring installation, you can rely on us to get your job done fast. Call the Electrician King Residential Electricians in Dallas Repair Services
Our residential electricians are ready to solve all your home wiring worries. We offer a full range of residential repair services including upgrading any electrical wiring or appliance. Call the Electrician King.
Commercial Electrical Services
Electrician King covers many areas in Dallas. Our company has worked on many retail and commercial projects and properties from basic maintenance and repair tasks to full fit outs and refits. Our electricians work alongside company owners, builders, architects and interior designers to ensure an end result that is on specification, on time and on budget.
Property Maintenance
Dallas Electricians
Regular checks and servicing of your electrical wiring network will ensure a trouble free and safe home. Having electricians maintain your home or businesses wiring is as important as other building maintenance and should be completed regularly. Electrician King can give your home of business a healthy tick of approval.
Affordable Service Cost
Providing an affordable service is our promise to you. Ask us for an estimate for the work before committing to the repair to ensure you remain in control of the cost. There when you need us most with the best service in Dallas!
Electrical troubles always happen when you least expect it to and at the most inconvenient time. Rest assured our electricians in Dallas are there to get things going when you need us most. We are available we are here to serve the people of Dallas 24 hours a day and seven days a week. The Most Professional Electricians in Dallas.

Be assured that all your repairs will be completed by a professional and licensed electrician. Our company prides itself in giving an honest and reliable service. We will only repair what is necessary and provide you with a list of any additional work required to extend the life of your appliance or electrical wiring. You chose when to have the necessary work completed.