Need help with anything electrical?

Blue Collar Electric is an established electrician in Marietta Ga We provide electrical services of all types to home owners, investors, businesses and the industrial sites of North Metro Atlanta Ga (north of hwy 20). We’re long on experience, but only run a few crews so we can keep the quality up and prices down. We’ve worked hard to build a strong reputation for being the Electrical Value Leader in North Atlanta.


We are owned and operated by Nick Krill, an electrician with 37 years of experience. Nick started drilling holes and pulling wires for his uncle at age 13, then joined the Navy and served many years as an electrician both on and off the Navy’s biggest boats. Over the years, we’ve done jobs from the smallest to the largest, even including the bigger than life electrical of quarries and mines. This broad experience helps us to know a broad range of electrical codes, to have seen almost every situation you can imagine and the ability to figure out the right way the once in a blue moon when it isn’t obvious.
You’re More than a Number…You’re a Long-term Client!
We’re glad to look at your electrical project whether it’s a small electrical repair, security inspection, electric panel or electric meter up-grade, home remodeling project, a new home build or even a large retail store build-out. We’re flexible as electricians, so we’re glad to work by the job or by the hour. We can provide the materials as part of our contract or to work with the materials you’ll be buying. Our heart is to work with you to get your electrical work done in a way that’s convenient and allows you to afford it.
While going about our jobs as electricians in Marietta Ga, we frequently run into projects that require other construction trades to get involved and bring the job to total completion. Sometimes there is demolition needed before we get started, then other times it’s to repair some siding or drywall once we’ve finished cutting holes in order to pull our wires and do our job. We always try and make it easy on you and also, it doesn’t look good for you or us when your friends and family come by and everything is still a mess. After 37+ years as electricians in Marietta Ga, we’ve developed relationships with brother and sister companies in each trade that will gladly give you a bid on any related work.

Give Us a Chance and We’ll Earn Your Loyalty…
At Blue Collar Electric, we’re proud to be electricians in Marietta Ga, serving this great city and other surrounding cities on the north side of Atlanta Ga. As electricians in Marietta Ga, we are willing to work hard to earn your electrical business today and into the future. Once you’ve tested us with a first electrical job and see the value we bring, you’ll be calling us whenever you need any electrical work done, referring us to all your friends and we will become YOUR Marietta electrician of 1st choice.